Spectacular Rides

Windy City Amusements is proud of its lineup of spectacular amusement rides. These rides are unique attractions that seperate our carnival from our competition.

Century Wheel

The Century Wheel is one of the tallest and most popular rides on the midway.  Guests ride in spacious gondolas capable of seating 4-6 riders comfortably.  Above this 65’ tall Ferris wheel, guests will get a birds eye view of the surrounding area!  In 2013, the Century Wheel was outfitted with a new energy saving LED light package.  The new light show produces color patterns like no other and can be seen from miles away.

Fire Ball

The Fire Ball takes riders upside-down, 60’ above the ground on this 360 degree looping roller coaster.  Riders are securely fastened in using over-the-shoulder restraints and a industrial locking seat-belt.

Freak Out

The Freak Out dazzles riders with its over the top thrills.  Riders sit in bottomless seats with their feet hanging below them.  As the claw begins to rotate, the pendelleum swings back and forth.  Thrill seekers will get off asking for more!


The Himalaya is one of our newest attractions.  The Himalaya is a spectacular European style ride that rides riders in a circular motion through hills and valleys.  Guests are automatically drawn to the winter themed artwork and popular music playing on the ride.

Pharaohs Fury

The Pharaoh’s Fury is a family ride with a Egyptian ship theme.  The ship wings back and forth via a pendulum.  The pendulum is supported by four large towers that give the ride a sturdy base. Once at full speed, the ride gives the patrons a feeling of weightlessness.


The Predator was the first ride of its kind to be imported from England to the Midwestern United States.  The Predator is a high speed thrill ride that whirls riders throughout the air in circular motions.

Rock Star

The Rock Star is a high rising magic carpet ride that keeps riders upright at all times. As the gondola rotates downward, riders feel a free-fall sensation.

Sky Rider
NEW FOR 2016-- The Sky Rider is a 80 foot tall swing tower that swings riders out and over the midway with their feet dangling below them.  The height of the ride in combination with the wind blowing in your face will add to the thrill of the experience!
Zero Gravity

The Zero Gravity is a remake of an all-time classic, the Round-Up.  It is a family ride that holds up to 33 people.  This version, however, has beautiful light package and scenery to match.  The ride spins in a circular motion.  Once it has reached maximum speed, the center of the ride lifts up producing a zero gravity feeling, hence, the name.

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