Kiddie Rides

Windy City Amusements has a wide variety of rides geared for the little ones. Rides designed with cute characters and vibrant colors facilitate a childs imagination and make for a fun day at the carnival!

Dragon Wagon

One of the most popular rides in Kiddieland, the Dragon Wagon, is a kid-size roller coaster in which kids ride on one of the most friendly dragons in existence!

Flying Tea Cups

The Flying Tea Cups are like no other in that they not only spin, but, rise in the air!

Free Fall

The Free Fall is a shoot/drop tower for the whole family to enjoy.  At 30 feet, it is a much smaller version of the Super Shot tower.  Riders can sit on either the front or the back side of the ride.  The ride shoots the patrons up about 30 feet and drops them straight down.  It is almost as fun to watch as it is to ride!

Mini Enterprise

One of the most popular rides in kiddieland, the Mini Enterprise, features a combination of helicopters and space vehicles.

Mini Enterprise Combo

The Flying Combination includes flying Elephants, Dinosaurs, and Helicopters!

Motorcycle Jump

The Motorcycle Jump features kid-size motorcycles that pop wheelies, go over jumps, and more.  The Motorcycle Jump has been a favorite kiddie ride for decades.

Peter Paul Dinos

The Peter Paul raises and lowers riders as it rotates.  Small children will be entertained as they are able to push a button and make the dragon’s horn sound.

Pirate Island

The Pirate Island is a large scale, adventure obstacle course.  Riders encounter punching bags, a cargo net, a inflatable slide, two suspension bridges, and a large see-through slide as they make their way through the attraction!

Rio Grande Train

A favorite among young children is the Rio Grande Train.


The Windy City Speedway is a miniature themed racetrack for children.  There are eight NASCAR replica race cars to choose from.  Once strapped in, the ride drives the cars slowly down the straight-a-ways and then quickly turns the corners.

Up Up & Away

Imported from Italy in the early 90s, the Balloon Race features free spinning tubs that are controlled by the rider.  As the ride spins, it lifts in the air.

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